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Bernard Poolman - The History and purpose of channeling

Written by Bernard Poolman

Original Article:

Date : 06/07/2007

This is a fascinating question. When you go back to about 1900 and study the work of Baird Spalding – Life and teachings of the masters of the far-east, you notice an interesting situation. The nature of interdimensionality is part of life. Beings appear, communicate, walk on water – all normal in that time.

This book entered my life in a strange way. When my father-in – law died, he was a deep trance medium and a healer on earth, I communicated with him the first time two days after his death. The session was difficult and strained. He told me he left me a gift and told me where to find it in his office. These books really tickled my fancy and interest; this event took place in the early 1990's. This was the last time I spoke to my father-in–law till the intedimensional portal opened. Not that I did not attempt to contact him. I tried all the time, because we use to investigate and discuss interesting topics all the time, but to no avail—he remained silent.

What he explained to me once we were face to face at the portal, was that to make sure he was not recycled to Earth by the White Light, he had to act as if he was mad. When beings acted mad in the dimensions, they were normally left alone as the white light did not see them as a threat that they could wake up from their conditioning.

I studied the books of Baird Spalding and found something fascinating. Although much of what was to come and technologies to be discovered was indicated, by the 1950's all disappeared. Even the publishers indicated that since Spalding's death no-one knew where the stuff is he referred to in his books or what happened to the information.

I followed the channelings of all beings I could find. Tested the practical workability of it here on earth. Will this change the experience of us here on earth? , was the question I asked. Is this how God wanted me to experience him as his Image and Likeness?

Some of the channeled information I experienced as real in my reality although it became clear only as real as I would believe in it and create it as I see it as part of myself. I used Kinesiology to infuse and test applications. I did this for a period of 12 years. I established my own library and collected books, looking for the answer that was apparently me, but I simply could not find it. I went into seclusion to meditate and silence all – to no avail.

The reason; I am still HERE. And this here is the world. I must pay rent, buy food, educate children. Nothing made sense.

The channels were disseminating beautiful words and inner experiences which I applied and followed but it made no practical difference to HERE. I listened to people giving discourses and teaching about channels and new energies. Fascinating, when you got close to them, you could see – they are not living or becoming in all of their experience what they are teaching. A separation occurs. They still pay rent, need money for food and are slaves to a system – the system that controls this reality. Unless they get enough people to believe in the channels and buy products related to the channels, their work was to no avail and their lives end in misery. Many lives did end in misery or giving up.

The question was why? All these words of hope, of beautiful inner experiences, no change to the HERE of the world. No change to our reality.

I contemplated and tested. Let me be in a cave as a sage and find Peace and Nirvana. Will I able to be present Here and be able to make a practical substantial difference? What is directing the HERE we experience as the world in our day to day participation? Why did the words and examples of Jesus or Osho or Buddha or any being that reached inner greatness not make a difference to the HERE in this world.

Obviously, when I studied the beings, I noticed that what they presented was not practical in this world. What became clear is that this world is based on groups of beings that amalgamate with beliefs and then follow it as something greater than themselves, waiting for some intervention to save them or waiting to die to go to heaven.

All we're waiting for is each other or an event. Some tried to change. Gandhi did, but look, he changed a country, but not the people. Mandela he changed a country but not the source of the people or how the people acted. He did nothing to change the self directed principle in the being as the being. He could not. Each must do that for self. It was clear that we are at some level responsible, but we seem unable to understand this responsibility while we are in the middle of survival and making money.

Eventually, I distanced myself from the channels and psychics – I could get no practical way that will make a difference in this world. It was clear that HERE in this world, we are alone and that not any one man in this world will make a difference. We require agreement between all. We require realization that we are the creators of this reality in all ways.

How is that possible to reach such agreement between all in this world as it is HERE now in its present form and manifestation? Impossible with everything that we know and understand now, impossible in all religions, by then even the channelings became a religion of inner journeys, beautiful words – No new INFORMATION. NO PRACTICAL DIRECTION – NOTHING that will prepare the way for the CHILDREN to come or help us realize that we are the practical answer to the problem we have accepted as our world and reality.

I researched practical ways to breakthrough. Then a flicker of light. If we ALL could READ effectively! Maybe that will help. I pushed reading. Some beings responded and expanded, but the notion that we are responsible for the HERE of our reality – No ways – immediate deep despair and depression came over me.

Then I discovered the Demons. A challenge – will they be able to possess me? Can't they be helped? This led to the portal opening and a series of events that led me to the dimensions and the White Light and the Annunaki and the Angels and much more.

Then – where are all the masters that were channeling? I spoke to them. They were like me – they explained to me that all channels were preprogrammed according to the instructions of the White Light and the Annunaki. This started in seriousness with Alice Bailey. My reality was being shattered daily. The anger grew. How is this possible? Where is God? What is going on? Despair. I will end in the same heaven in the same situation. NO WAY ! There must be another way. What am I willing to practically do? Am I willing to tempt fate and death? There was nothing else. Just ME. Am I going to accept this? Can this be directed?

For months I tested and probed and communicated. Day after day. No answer. I found beings spread throughout the universe. Many were in absolute despair. They said to me there was no answer. They have tried. God abandoned creation? Or was there no God? Is there only me? Have I done this to myself?

I looked at all practical possibilities. If we direct this situation, where is an answer possible? I went into the darkness and the light and everywhere only found deceit and evil. Power and greed, fear and disdain. Many heavens waiting for god. I was not alone in this. Sunette walked with me. We compared notes. Some dimensional beings walked with me. We contemplated. I discussed this with Anu, Alice Bailey, Jesus, Mohammed, Osho and many more, Einstein, Jung, Freud, Tesla, beings that just crossed over. Testing information.

No direction stepped forth. The first point that was clear was that we must all come together as one HERE and see what we have allowed. We have to stop. The process of direction started. The gods and goddesses and masters and Satan and the devil were not happy. They had a controlled certain way of doing things that gave them a certain standing in “reality”. Satan and the devil put up the greatest direct fight. They called me a puny human being. What can I do? They blacked out heaven and hijacked Sunette and disappeared with her into the dimensions. What to do. I made a choice. I will not stand for this. I see in each this Oneness and Equality that I see as me. We each have this we can call life. I must interfere. I must act and prove that there is something more. I acted and with the assistance of some beings, all was brought together as one. Still there was fear and deceit. What if god returned? We have turned heaven upside down. We will deal with god when it is HERE, but if I look at it, god would be really pissed off if he sees what we have allowed reality to become. All we have to work with is here in this moment. We must act. If we wait, we will keep on experiencing what we have allowed ourselves to become.

We closed the channels and found all the ways it worked. It was explained. Yet, channeling continued. We sat in the being when they channeled to see where the information was coming from. It came from the MIND. We challenged the MIND, the universal mind, all minds, there were many. It was clear that a process is going to be necessary to understand ourselves. All in heaven was challenged to face self and apply forgiveness. Heaven did participate even if it was only from the perspective that there was no alternative. It was clear that we were infinitely stuck in the same cycles. Both heaven and earth were stuck. We were responsible.

Then it became clear that the information through the channels were going nowhere. It was the inner journey or mind creation of beings with no practical value in stopping, war, famine, crime, abuse or death. Channelings have become inspired beliefsystems that is perpetuating itself like a religion, but is of no practical value for all as one.

What was clear was that death is the equalizer for all on earth. When a being died, they were so grateful to be free from the body and mind.

The body and mind became more clear that it was a structural sound resonance of words and thoughts that seemed stable, but was not. Anu explained its creation as creator of physicality. Fascinating. I discussed this situation with the planets, the universe, the animal kingdom, plants, nature and all agreed. What the MIND of man cannot control was the forces of nature, or all the animals, or the bees, or the bugs or the viruses or death.

They all agreed to become the teachers of man. To stop man from destroying everything through fear and ignorance and survival.

So, channels will continue on earth but no substantial new practical information will come forth. It has become like a religion. Look, the pastor read the bible and prays and become inspired and speaks in the church – NO – this is channeling from his mind the compound energy of his belief. There is no difference between a channel and a pastor. They are both promoting hope to suppress fear. NO CERTAINTY. So, man kind is facing an interesting time. Only time and events will prove this. The guideline is animals, nature, death and all that the mind cannot control. Many will die, new diseases will proliferate. Storms, floods, you name it. All families will be touched.

We will assist, but the process of realizing what we have allowed is personal. Children now born are coming to correct the past, if we are able to assist them not to be trapped by the MIND.

The money system must stop. – See all writings about money. We will focus on the children. First the recently departed children. In fact, the primary assistance on earth now is from children. Many dimensional beings are still in process. When you now cross over, you face all creations, thoughts and past lives you participated in. An absolute recreation of self through forgiveness. Earth is easier than heaven at the moment. That will change and as heaven stand up as each that die face themselves and what they have allowed, assistance on earth will become more directed, but no help is allowed to remove the consequences of what we as mankind have allowed. We must stop and take responsibility and the mess will increase on earth till we wake up. Nothing else is certain. We will stop, either here on earth we will take responsibility or with death we will take responsibility. We will be no more than the responsibility we are willing to take. This is the end of time.

We are grateful to all that stood up and dedicated themselves to freedom and life. Slavery will be no more – we do not know how long it will take. We estimate we are only able to help children up to 7–8 years old. – Few adults will have the discipline to recreate themselves as I showed in the article: I, the living word. Yet, nothing is impossible.

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